List of EVACF assisted Schools (TOE²S facilities)

groupThe schools in the following list, which is sorted by Province, are named after the donors that provided the funding.  Each school is built by the villagers themselves, teachers are provided by the Department of Education, and there is usually a 3A3Rs Activator nearby to help when needed. Before a school is funded the community has to complete 15 preliminary steps to show they are ready. The schools are referred to as TOE2S,Ttraditional Origins Ethnic Education Schools. Click here for the aims and principles of TOE2S.


ISM PTA(October 2003)
Morpeth Concord (March 2003)
Morpeth Lions(June 2001)
Morpeth St. James (Mariveles, Bataan (Opened December 2001))
Springboard Middle School (MArch 2005)
Tanner Trust (January 2005)
MMQ EVACF (October 2010)
Katja Wohlrab Memorial(November 2002)
Maganday Nobokah BSM (June 2005)
Narrabundah Haduan, Pampanga  (November 2000)
David Mackenzie Ross Memorial School (June 2012)
EVA Abelling(October 2001)
EVA Aspects of Art(December 2001)
Emilia (April 2007)
Fleet (First)(April 2003)
Happy Hansel (Middle)April 2003)
Jane E. Butt Memorial Middle School ( 2005)
Jeannie’s(April 2003)
St. Andrew’s(January 2002)
Standard Chartered (First)(February 2002)
Standard Chartered (Middle)(June 2002)
Standard Chartered (Upper) (October 2004)
Viking Aeta Middle School (May 2003)
Zate Memorial(May 2003)
ADB Spouses ( January 2002)
Chiang Chio Te Memorial (May 2006)
Judd Hendricks Memorial(February 2002)
DAPEVA (June 2008)
MAPE (October 2003)
Marie Serendipity ( May 2007)
SHOM EVA ( October 2012)
Serendipity School, (2006)
UN Ladies(January 2002)
– New Happy Hansel School (April 2007)
Associate Facilities

In addition, there are five (5) Dumagat schools sourced by EVA from outside benefactors/foundations, which act as TOE²S “associate” facilities:

* ANZA ( Kapioya Settlement )
* ANZA (Kailagan Settlement )
* ANZA (Mabaldong Settlement)
Federation of Chinese Chambers of Commerce (Dumagat School No.2, Bulacan  (2002/3))
Federation of Chinese Chambers of Commerce (Dumagat School No.1, Bulacan  (2002))