Healthcare Center

To assist the Aeta people to remain in their isolated area and maintain their own culture, EVA Charity Foundation has funded an Aeta Primary Healthcare Center in Haduan Village, Pampanga.  This incorporates an Aeta Herbal Medicine Center as well as facilities for Primary Healthcare Teaching. The funding documents were signed in December 2001, and the Center was opened in November 2002.

In March 2003, the British Ambassador to Manila, H.E. Paul Dimond, made a surprise visit to the newly opened Haduan Primary Healthcare Center. ┬áHe is seen here with Haduan Aeta elders and the village “hilot” (traditional nurse).

In 2005 this center was adapted to become a Multipurpose Center for visiting Medical Missions, Daycare (mornings), adult literacy (afternoons) and a Dept. of Tourism Aeta guide training facility.