How You Can Help


If you live in Manila volunteer a few hours each Tuesday morning to assemble EVACF orders in Ecology Village, exchange ideas, discuss projects and have fun.

Phone 8172621 for more details.



Donate all or part of the funds (Click here for details)

  • To send an Aeta student to university;
  • Or donate educational supplies for Aeta children;
  • Or donate towards the building of new schools, gardens, literacy projects



Travel to Pampanga to visit livelihood projects, assess the performance of EVA’s loans, and the progress of livelihood equipment and training recipients, 3A3R literacy activators and 3A3T Pinatubo Trekkers.

Forthcoming visit information here. Phone 8172621 for more information or email friendsofeva(at)



Support EVACF fund raising events …..Not only do we raise money for a good cause but we also HAVE A GREAT TIME TOGETHER.



Buy EVA’s beautiful handicrafts, which are the main source of financial support for the organization.  (Click here for details) You can order Mt Pinatubo Ashglaze stoneware sets. Special orders are immensely helpful. A minimum of 80 days is needed for bespoke orders but we have corporate sets immediately available and at special discount prices- Click here for details. Anyone with a special event to celebrate can order BAHI thread cards in a new design or old. Please allow up to 50 days for handwork.
Where can we buy products?

The handicrafts are available from


Guidelines for Volunteers and Friends of EVACF

Dear EVACF volunteers and friends. We are delighted if you wish to become involved in any of our projects, visits and fund raising initiatives. However, to protect those communities that we are supporting, we ask that you read and carefully consider the follwing guidelines that we have drafted:
1. Guidelines for Giving to Traditional Origins Ethnic Education Schools (TOE2S) Communities.
2. Guidelines for Guests on TOE2S visits.
3. Memorandum of Understanding for Fostering of TOE2S.
4. Principles of TOE2S