Suppliers – Under EVA’s Umbrella

The organizations listed below are responsible for helping to create the hand-crafted components of the EVA fundraiser sets.  Participants receive at least 50% deposit on each order, which enables them to buy materials without the need to obtain loans.  The balance is paid immediately upon delivery.  In turn, work project participants contribute to fundraising for victims of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption by ensuring that the quality of their work is maintained at a high level and remains attractive to customer-donors. 

Krismana – Zambales (1992-98):  Aeta mango growers and inventors of Lahar Paper

Montanosa – Mountain Province (1995-99):  Igorot workshop making hand-made paper

Studio Potters – Antipolo (1991-present):  One of the founding EVA groups under artist Lanelle Abueva Fernando.  These potters make the Mt. Pinatubo ashglaze stoneware.

Cupertino – Quezon City (1991-present):  Another founding EVA group under paper-maker Mr. David.  Its members are all people with autism or Downe’s Syndrome.

Yakan Weavers – Zamboanga (1994-present):  A group of women who grouped together to try to cut out the excess profit of ‘middle’ traders. They weave colorful fabrics.

Muntinlupa Livelihood – Muntinlupa (1993-present):  A self-help group for prisoners and prisoners’ families.  They make exquisite boxes.

Likha Potters/PSCBDW – Pampanga (1993-present): A training project for abused and displaced women and young girls, and Aeta women, making pottery.

Kanlungan-sa-Erma – Laguna (1991-present):
 Another founding EVA group involving youths skilled in paper making and decoration, and stitching crafts.  All are reformed street children.

Vedruna Workshop – Sampaloc (1998-present):
 Skilled embroiderers living in homes alongside the railway.

Bato Women’s Association – Biliran (1996-present):  Women in a remote area using indigenous materials to create the hand-made paper used on boxes.  (More ….)

Trappists Contemplative Outreach for the Poor – Guimeras (1996-98):  Otherwise jobless Ayta youths in Guimeras Province creating items from coconut shells.

Tahanan Walang Haagdanan – Rizal (1997-present):
 Physically disabled craftsmen using softwood to produce EVA’s hotpot stand.  (More ….)

Islanders Ethnic Arts & Crafts – Makati (1998-present):  A family livelihood project that also employs the physically disabled and out-of-school youths.  They produce coconut items and sand with lahar coasters.

Wenceslau Resettlement/SACOP – Pampanga (1994-present):
 A community workshop producing beadwork, T-shirts, screen prints and bags.

Pag asa sa Paglaya – Muntinlupa (1993-present):
 A candle making livelihood project for newly released prisoners and their families.

Pinatubo Sandwares – Pampanga (1991-present):  A livelihood project using lahar as a source material, involving evacuees from San Antonio, Bacalor.  They were among the first to receive a S.A.C.O.P. loan funded by EVA Charity Foundation.

Igorot Handicrafts/DTI – Mountain Province (1995-present):
 Youths in a tiny remote village, engaged in weaving and basket making.

Maryland Resettlement – Pampanga (1994-present):
 A stitching and screen print group who continue to make the bags for our original fundraiser – “Mt. Pinatubo Pumice in Bag”.

Madapdap Aeta Ladies Group – Pampanga (1998-present):
 They produce bamboo whistles, and bamboo spoons and forks.

Salay – Misamis Oriental (1999-present):
 Women making beautiful paper decorated with dried flowers and abacus fibres.  (More ….)

Bahi – Talisay, Cebu (2000-present):
 Women working in their homes in Talisay, Cebu to create beautiful thread pictures on handmade paper cards.  (More ….)

Paper Alley – Rizal (1998-2000):
 A women’s livelihood project in Antipolo making unusual handmade paper products.

Castro Art – Quezon City (1999-present):
 Makers of decorative boxes made from card and various papers.

Glassart – Pasig (1999-present):  A husband and wife team recycling glass into beautiful fine glass items.

Tagle Pottery Village – Tagaytay (1999-present):  Potters producing uniquely shaped pottery items.

Aksesoria – Quezon (1999-present):  A livelihood group making buttons and spoons from horn and bone.

Botolan Serpentine – Zambales (1997-99):  Products made from stones picked up from river beds and carved by Aeta trained craftsmen.

Nature’s Garden – Quezon Province (2000-present):
  A group of ladies in Quezon Province hand-making exquisite and colorfully artistic paper.  Their paper is featured on the ‘Aeta Angel’ boxes each Christmas.

Pandaquaqui Resettlement – Pampanga (2001-present):  Producing beautiful handmade paper featuring colourful rice grains.

QJC Livelihood – Quezon City (2001-present):
 Women prisoners using old telephone directories to make unique bags and baskets.