In addition to the sale of Pinatubo ash-glaze pottery, EVA receives many donations of money and in-kind donations.  Over the years such donors have ranged from Embassies, Banks and Companies to school children – all giving to the common cause of “Helping the People of Mt. Pinatubo Help Themselves”.

But, in the end, only Mt. Pinatubo acts as our “funding agent” on a regular basis, with its seemingly unlimited supply of pumice and ash.

Some of our donors:

Malacañang Westin Philippine Plaza
Department of Tourism (our first ashglaze stoneware giveaways) Inter-Continental Hotel
Senate Protocal Office Holiday Inn, Clarkfield
SAS British Airways
Several ASEAN events Banque Indo Suez
Javlon Lane Moving
Santa Fe Crown Worldwide
ABS-CBN (USA) ABS-CBN (Philippines)
Mingoys St. George’ Society
Elks Club Civil Service Commission
Pamatec Together
La Corona Victoria Court
ADB Smart Communciations
Amcham China Banking Corporation
Eastgate C. Lotti & Associates
P.C.V.C. PSPI Sun Systems
Shangri-La EDSA Plaza Ma-an Cup
Shimbun Culture Centre Senate of the Philippines
PAGCOR Barbereba (our first restaurant)
Festo Vivere Suites
Krupp Westin Hotels
Nissan Warner Music
Several weddings Hyatt Hotel