CCTMAS 2nd Phase Project Part 2, San Marcelino

I went back to the boondocks of Zambales to implement phase two of my solar project that will power two laptop computers, a printer and, two solar street lights at the Chang Chio Te Memorial Aeta School (CCTMAS).

Solar Panels installed! Solar Lights installed!

At the moment, I’m relying on the goodness of donors to help me realize the hopes and aspirations for a better quality education for the Aeta kids by providing the school with more supplemental materials (i.e. notebooks, papers, schoolbags, uniforms, lockers, solar portable lamps, science gadgets, sports equipment, laptop computer, shoes, water filter station, wall fan.) The school principal said that the Aeta children are so eager, so enthusiastic, and so dedicated to learning new things, now more than ever, when the school is being blessed with new facilities and equipment. They were seen teaching their parents how to read and write, too.

Unfortunately, the kids lack the proper food nutrition essential for brain development. They go to school with just rice and salt for lunch. More often than not, they would just drink water from the artesian well to contain their hunger.

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