Our foundation is 22 years old this year (2013) and committed to continue to support sustainable community service and development for the indigenous Aeta people. Our major achievements are listed below:

  • 42 schools helping more than 4,000 children; we fund school construction and supplies including indigenous language books. Begun 2000.
  • 62 college graduates from 5 indigenous people groups. Begun 1995.
  • Towards happy TOE2S – training residential conference and seminars for IP community leaders and teachers nurtuing TOE2S Scools. Initiated in 2004
  • 35 college students from five indigenous people groups.
  • 45 past and 7 current adult literacy program teachers who still support teaching in the area. Begun 1998.
  • 173 Indigenous people who are livelihood loan participants. Since 1997 EVACF has provided approximately Php3million, and in partership with NCIP this is distributed as microcredit.
  • 505 lowlander women loan participants. Since 1993 EVACF has provided Php7.5million, and in partnership with SACOP this is distributed as microcredit in 48 communities.
  • 29 micro finance projects throughout the Philippines.
  • Donated kilns and pottery training to 10 Aeta settlements since 1991.
  • Donated 12 tents to Pinatubo Guides.
  • Donated fruit trees, seeds and tools to all Aeta communities.
  • Carabao Credit Fund for Women to support the purchase of 8 carts and carabao. Initiative Started in 1991.
  • Tribal Language literacy books for first language component. Begun 2001. 6000 books published.
  • Rehabilitation of Forests to protect mount Pinatubo homelands through providing tree seedlings and tools. Started 1993.